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Earning Trust. Instilling Confidence. Building Relationships.

This is the O’Brien & Levine Way

A strong business is built on being there when people need you, delivering on your promises, and exceeding expectations. Our commitment to fulfilling our clients’ every court reporting need has resulted in strong, lasting client relationships and earned us some very nice accolades from the legal teams we serve. Here are just a few:

We love everything about O’Brien & Levine. If we could vote you Best of Boston, we would!

Sarah W.
Litigation Legal Assistant

I use O’Brien & Levine for everything because, frankly, they are the best – always reliable, efficient, and cutting edge. They handle all my needs, including out-of-state depositions. In addition to being the best at what they do, the people at O’Brien & Levine have a long history of supporting the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association and other charitable community organizations.

Pamela B.
Boston Law Firm

I have been working with O’Brien & Levine for almost 10 years in conjunction with the firm’s needs for court reporting and transcription services. O’Brien & Levine has never once failed to provide the best quality work product and always in the timeliest of fashions. No job is too small or large for them to handle and they go out of their way to meet their client’s needs including transcription services, realtime transcript feeds, videography, synchronization of depo video with transcripts, easy access to transcripts via their web portal and the like. O’Brien has always stayed ahead of the game when it comes to the latest emergent trends in transcription technology and can scale their services to fit your needs both domestically and abroad.

Chris F.
Litigation Paralegal

I have really enjoyed using O’Brien & Levine for the depositions. There’s such a level of convenience when setting things up, and I have confidence that I don’t have to worry about court reporting. There are lots of issues that can arise with depositions, but reporting services isn’t one of them.

Jason C.

They have gracefully fulfilled every outrageous request I have ever made.

Thomas D.
Boston Law Firm

O’Brien & Levine has always been my first choice when selecting a court reporting service. They use the latest in technology, their reporters are dependable, and they are total professionals. I can always rely on the final work product to be first class. I would recommend O’Brien & Levine to other lawyers without reservations.

Jeffrey P.
Boston Law Firm

I am very satisfied with O’Brien & Levine and have used them consistently over the past 20 years. No matter the request or complexity of testimony, their staff and reporters come through all the time with accurate, timely transcripts. They understand what’s important in this profession—and they never fail to deliver.

David H.
Boston Law Firm

The knowledgeable, friendly staff is courteous and extremely responsive when handling my requests. The reporters are punctual, well prepared, and thoroughly professional. O’Brien & Levine always meets my last-minute requests with transcripts that are reliable and accurate. I can depend on them to get the job done right. What more could I ask for?

Frank S.
Boston Law Firm

Thank you again for your assistance in finding me a court reporter at the last minute for my deposition yesterday. She was great, and I really appreciate the excellent service.

Adam H.
Boston Law Firm

The responsiveness of the O’Brien & Levine team is fabulous. For example, we had a live feed scheduled for a deposition in Palo Alto, but cancelled it at the last minute because the client had decided to attend in person. Ninety minutes before the deposition, one of our Boston-based team members needed to attend via live feed. The O&L team was able to get the client up and running in time for the call. Fabulous.

Linda B.
Legal Assistant
Boston Law Firm

Everything was flawless. The stenographer was very professional and all went off without a hitch. Thank you again for all your help.

Maureen M.
Boston Law Firm

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had using O’Brien & Levine for my video deposition. I really appreciated the professionalism of both the videographer and court reporter. This was an out-of-state deposition for me, and it made me feel much more relaxed when I showed up and the court reporter and videographer were already set up and ready to go. It was one less thing I had to worry about. They were even kind enough to give me advice on how best to get to the airport after the deposition. Thanks again for such a positive experience, and I would certainly recommend your services to other attorneys.

Patrick B.
Metropolitan Department of Law
Nashville, TN

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