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Addressing Shifting Priorities

We read with interest the article in The Boston GlobeCorporate Clients Shift Priorities for Law Firms” (March 2, 2014), discussing the expectations of in-house counsel when working with their outside counsel.

In brief, corporate counsel look for flexibility in rate structures and efficiencies in administrative costs, and law firms are responding.

As the article notes: “Law firms also are facing the same forces that have driven other industries to become leaner and meaner, namely globalization and technology. Law firms today must compete across borders for business while technologies, such as Internet search engines and online law libraries, call into question the need for legal associates and researchers poring over hard-cover law books and documents.”

Though not referenced in the article, court reporting and legal video services are certainly part of the calculation. Coordinating deposition schedules with a responsive resource along with leveraging technology for multi-jurisdiction litigation equals cost containment for both the practice and the client.

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