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Court Reporting Solutions

Global Court Reporting Solutions to Handle your Depositions, Trials, Arbitrations and Hearings with Ease

Whether you’re managing a local case or a complex multi-jurisdictional one that crosses national and international borders, at O’Brien & Levine we match a hand-picked team of professionals to your specific needs so you get exactly the support you require.

MLW Reader Rankings 2021 Best Court ReportingJust recently, readers of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly ranked O’Brien & Levine #1 for court reporting services.

Specialized Court Reporters

On-time. Accurate. Experienced.

Our professional reporters cover a wide range of specialties including technology such as realtime and voice reporting as well as expertise with the technical terminology used in industries such as environmental sciences, patent infringement, technology, engineering, pharmaceutical science, and medical malpractice cases. For your local, national and international depositions, arbitrations, trials and hearings we can provide video text streaming video text streaming so that your legal team can participate in the proceeding from wherever they are.

We match the reporter’s skills and experience on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you have the right person handling your court reporting needs every time. Whatever specific requirements you have, you can be confident that your O’Brien & Levine court reporter will handle everything to ensure your proceeding goes smoothly.

Realtime Court Reporting

Watch the Testimony Unfold

Realtime Court Reporting offers the ability for legal team members to follow the text of witnesses’ testimony securely on their computer screens (desktop, laptop, tablet) as it is being transcribed by the court reporter. The live transcription can be annotated, highlighted, reviewed and saved, and participants can be present in the deposition room or attend remotely. The legal team can communicate privately via private chat. At the conclusion of the deposition or other proceeding, the rough draft transcript can be immediately available.

Rough Transcripts

Review and Prepare

To keep you one step ahead, your O&L court reporters can provide a rough transcript immediately following the day’s proceedings for a deposition, arbitration, hearing, or trial. Though the rough is uncertified and has not been fully proofed, it is an invaluable tool for day-to-day review and preparation. The final, certified transcript will follow when completed and can be expedited for any day you specify, even the same day.

Audio Transcription

Get It in Writing

When a court stenographer isn’t available for trials, hearings, or other court proceedings, a digital recording becomes the official record. O&L’s court-certified transcriptionists can create the required written, legal transcript and turn it around in time to meet your deadline. In addition to a hard copy, we also provide searchable electronic transcripts in multiple formats that are accessible to your entire legal team via our secure online repository.

We provide transcription of a wide variety of audio assets including:

  • Taped Meetings
  • Voicemail Messages
  • Text Message Exchanges
  • Online Audio and Video Files
  • 911 Calls

Interpreters and Translation

Remove Language Barriers

Everyone deserves to be heard. In legal proceedings, non-English speakers and the hearing-impaired must be able to understand what’s happening and be understood by those around them. O&L provides professional interpreters for depositions, hearings, and trials. The language expertise of our team includes but is not limited to: Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, French, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Somali, Cape Verdean, sign language, and more.

To help maintain the flow of proceedings, our court reporters are comfortable with interpreters asking the attorney’s question in the witness’s native language, then relaying the response to record an accurate legal transcript. Also, if discovery uncovers documents in foreign languages, O&L can coordinate translators to prepare written materials in English or any other language you require.

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