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Litigation Solutions

Litigation Solutions to Consolidate and Centralize All Your Legal Documents and Exhibits for Easy, Secure Access from Anywhere at Anytime

Complex legal matters require comprehensive documentation and administrative tools. Our document scanning, exhibit linking, and online repository products and services ensure that your entire team has everything they need at their fingertips – transcripts, exhibits, calendars, and invoices. Save time and money with advanced tools that help you manage all your case materials with ease.

Online Repository

Secure. Accessible. Searchable.

Transcripts / Exhibits / Scheduling / Invoices

  • Consolidated access to current and archived deposition, trial, arbitration, and hearing transcripts in multiple formats, including searchable full and condensed PDFs with linked electronic exhibits
  • Standard packages and service bundles such as our Electronic Transcript Bundle which includes searchable PDF transcripts (full and condensed) with hyperlinked exhibits, ASCII, PDF exhibits. Other electronic formats available.
  • Compatibility with popular litigation support systems to facilitate fast and easy integration with the routines of your legal practice
  • Online scheduling of court reporters, videographers, and other services for local, national, and global proceedings including immediate email confirmations, calendar reminders, and phone confirmations
  • Unlimited access that never expires so you can download, view, share and print repository documents and exhibits using your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone
  • Current and past invoices always on file for review and efficient cost management
  • Free O&L Mobile app to review transcripts, deposition calendar, and electronic exhibits on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device

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Document Scanning & Exhibit Linking

Speed. Accuracy. Convenience.

Transcripts and Exhibits – Always Together

  • Searchable electronic transcripts in multiple formats that integrate seamlessly with in-house litigation support systems to streamline your team’s existing workflow
  • Instant, one-click exhibit access – scanned electronic exhibits linked to the transcripts to eliminate the time-consuming hassle of searching through boxes to correlate paper exhibits to references in the testimony
  • Secure online repository to provide consolidated, 24/7 access to all your legal transcripts (with linked exhibits) for current and past cases
  • Unlimited access that never expires and includes free downloads of documents and electronic exhibits from the repository to your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone

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