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Paperless Exhibits

Paperless Exhibits – The Seamless Solution for Real-Time Exhibit Management

Save money and time by giving your team a simple yet powerful way to collaborate. With O’Brien & Levine’s digital exhibits service, you enable a completely paperless process by securely linking the litigation support team to cloud-based electronic versions produced in discovery. This advanced software enables a complete electronic process for handling exhibits for witness prep, depositions, arbitration – all the way to trial. It is the most efficient and economical solution for multi-party, multi-jurisdictional cases – locally, nationwide, and worldwide.

  • Introduce, mark, and circulate exhibits electronically via iPad or notebook, whether your deposition is in person or a remote video deposition
  • Provide litigation team members, experts, co-counsel, and others with personal, annotated exhibit copies that they retain, while still maintaining the integrity of the official versions.
  • Eliminate labor-intensive printing, copying, packing, shipping, and tracking thousands of exhibit pages from site to site.
  • Access all your exhibits and other case documents any time from anywhere via desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone on our secure and searchable online repository.


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