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COVID-19 Pandemic, SJC Update Order: Remote Depositions Proceed, Court Approval not Required

Mass SJC Justices

An order issued by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, effective May 26, 2020, authorizes remote attendance at depositions in civil cases, without stipulation or court order. Cases can proceed, without delaying discovery because of postponed depositions.

Per the order, any deposition taken in a civil case may be conducted allowing all participants, including the court reporter, to appear remotely. Notice for a remote deposition may not be opposed based on the preference of any participant to appear in person. The court reporter may swear-in the witness via videoconference.

Further, the SJC order directs the parties to “confer and cooperate to the fullest extent possible, including regarding the exchange and use of exhibits and documents, to attempt to resolve all issues related to remote depositions.” O’Brien & Levine’s digital exhibit service facilitates such cooperation.

From the outset of this necessary change for scheduling and conducting depositions, O’Brien & Levine has been supporting legal teams to keep cases moving. Our informative webinar shows you how. Questions on putting it all together? Connect with us.

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