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Flourishing in the New Normal…

…That’s the cover story for the current issue the Journal of Court Reporting—including observations from O’Brien & Levine President Kenneth Zais.

“If court reporters have proved anything during the past decades,” the article states, “it’s that they are nothing if not adaptable — and few things have showcased that as much as how quickly the industry shifted during the pandemic, developing new strategies and quickly learning technologies to remotely handle depositions and other legal proceedings.”

O’Brien & Levine exemplifies that resilience. This extends to video recording technology that integrates with trial software. Looking to what the future portends, Zais says litigators have adapted to remote depositions, arbitrations, hearings and trials, and will now carefully consider cross-country journeys for in-person proceedings.

“Even with vaccines on the horizon, the virus will continue to curtail the likelihood of litigators, deponents, and stenographers coming together in a conference room without masks any time soon,”   he says. “The very existence of reliable, accessible technology, applicable to taking depositions safely and securely, has proven to be a game changer.”

With solutions long in place for remote proceedings, O’Brien & Levine has responded to court rulings and client requirements from the get-go. Connect with us to schedule step-by-step prep sessions with our team, including how to present digital exhibits.

JCR subscribers can find the full story here.

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