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Is Skype an Option for Mobile Videoconference Depositions?

The previous post covered videoconference depositions from one fixed site, such as a court reporting firm, to another, such as a business center. Mobile videoconferencing is another way for legal teams and witnesses to connect through computers, tablets and even cellphones—no matter where the parties are based.

We are often asked if depositions can be conducted over Skype, the widely-used service for Internet video calls. It’s a fair question since the Skype app is ubiquitous and free. But it is not recommended for depositions in high-stakes litigation due to security concerns. Also, available Internet speeds and the operating systems of the various devices affect performance.

There are alternatives to Skype for secure, reliable mobile videoconferencing that are appropriate for depositions. O’Brien & Levine is hands-on with these latest technologies—connecting webcams, microphones and Internet streaming to relay the proceedings to all participants. And unlike with Skype, tech support is always on hand.

If you’d like to explore options for mobile videoconferencing, contact us, 617.399.0130 / 888.825.5576.

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