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O’Brien & Levine Blog: On the Record

No Court Reporter in Court? You Have Options.

Court reporters are scarce in courtrooms these days. More and more, the Massachusetts Trial Court creates the official record of proceedings through digital recordings.

Attorneys in litigation and other practices often find that a CD or audio file is no substitute for a printed transcript—and take the extra step to request one. However, the quality of the recordings can be uneven.

Is it clear who is speaking throughout hours-long trials and hearings?
Was a nodding witness reminded to answer verbally?
Can you hear the judge speaking over a fan?
Were mics placed to capture each speaker?
Did the courtroom staff press “record?”

And, can you ask a digital recording system to read back a question and answer? Doable, but cumbersome compared to asking the reporter.

You have options. If your legal team is more comfortable with an experienced court reporter, we’ll send one to court. Schedule with us just as you would for a deposition. No need to risk the uncertainty of a courtroom recording.

As the case continues, transcripts are available how and when you need them: Roughs. Dailies. Expedites. Standard turn-around in days, so you are not wondering months later when the court will have your transcript ready.

If the court session is over and only an audio recording is available, we can help here, too. O’Brien & Levine’s court-certified transcriptionists routinely produce transcripts of trials and hearings in all manner of cases: civil, consumer, family, guardianship, criminal and other matters. Technical work-arounds boost the audio to minimize, but not always eliminate “inaudibles.”

We’ll coordinate closely with your legal team to deliver the record you need. Questions? Reach us at 888.825.3376 FREE or 617.399.0130 or by email.

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