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Technology Drives Attorneys’ Practices

A family lawyer, an in-house counsel and an employment litigator talk to O’Brien & Levine (A Magna Legal Services Company) President Kenneth Zais about the permanence of technology in their practices
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Paperless Depositions Intrigue the ABA

The American Bar Association blogs all things technology in its aptly named blog, Law Technology Today. At the invitation of the publication’s content manager, O’Brien & Levine president Kenneth Zais contributed
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When Does a Videoconference Deposition Make Sense?

Wouldn’t you know. The out-of-town expert witness in an important case has had a change in schedule and cannot appear for the deposition next week. She’s available the day-after-tomorrow, though. That’s
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Is Skype an Option for Mobile Videoconference Depositions?

The previous post covered videoconference depositions from one fixed site, such as a court reporting firm, to another, such as a business center. Mobile videoconferencing is another way for legal teams and
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Addressing Shifting Priorities

We read with interest the article in The Boston Globe “Corporate Clients Shift Priorities for Law Firms” (March 2, 2014), discussing the expectations of in-house counsel when working with their outside
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A New Deposition Experience with Electronic Exhibits

We see it day in and day out: Reams of paper exhibits packed in banker’s boxes, shipped priority to mailrooms at law firms, court reporting agencies and conference centers, then loaded
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