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O’Brien & Levine Legal Video Solutions

Advanced Video Technology to Help You Control Costs and Create Impact

When people can see and hear the facts for themselves, it makes all the difference. Tone of voice, body language, reactions, expressions, and pauses – video captures another dimension of visual and audio information that isn’t possible to deliver on paper. Compelling, persuasive, irrefutable – video gives you a courtroom advantage that can’t be overvalued.

Whether you need to capture a deposition, present supporting evidence, or just collaborate with colleagues across the nation, our full range of professional legal video and videoconferencing services provides all the technology, expertise, and support you need.

Legal Video Solutions

From depositions and day-in-the-life videos to demonstrations of machinery, medical devices, and other equipment, our expert videographers and production teams deliver broadcast-quality legal video that will help you tell your story in a more engaging way. In addition, we provide advanced video/text streaming and synchronization capabilities that enable you to record live and remote video depositions and create searchable text/video files that allow you to instantly focus in on and isolate specific parts of testimony or other evidence.

MLW Reader Rankings 2021 Best Video Deposition

O&L was recently ranked #1 for video depositions by readers of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.
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Video Conferencing

With cases that reach across state lines and international borders, you need tools that let you collaborate easily, efficiently, and instantly with your global team. We help you save time and travel costs by connecting your team from any location and device. Use our well-appointed conference rooms, or we’ll connect you from your own office or mobile device. We also provide advanced video/text streaming that allows you to see, hear, and read all the proceedings simultaneously while also collaborating with your team via private annotation and chat features.
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Trial Support Solutions

Technology glitches are the last thing you want to worry about when you’re presenting in court. Let our team take care of all the details, including setting up and testing equipment, establishing connections, general tech support, and video playback. You just focus on winning your case.
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