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Legal Video Solutions

Bring Your Case to Life

Nothing makes your point more emphatically than video. When people can see and hear the facts for themselves, it makes all the difference. O’Brien & Levine’s experienced videography teams bring your case to life. From depositions and day-in-the-life videos to demonstrations of machinery, medical devices, and other equipment, they deliver broadcast-quality legal video to help you tell your story in a more engaging way.

In addition, our advanced video/text streaming and synchronization capabilities enable you to record live and remote video depositions and create searchable text/video files that allow you to instantly locate and isolate specific parts of testimony or other evidence.MLW Reader Rankings 2020 Best Video Deposition

Just recently, readers of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly ranked O’Brien & Levine #1 for video depositions.

Video Capture and Production

Watch the witness. See the scene.

While certified legal transcripts will always be the official, court-required record, video adds a valuable dimension to depositions by allowing the legal team to observe witness behavior first-hand so that they can see nuances in demeanor, body language, and tone of voice.

O&L’s legal videographers shoot, produce, and digitize broadcast-quality videos of your depositions and other legal proceedings to help you capture and convey the whole story. In addition to video of deponents, our legal videographers also produce day-in-the-life videos showing circumstances and challenges of daily life as well as demonstrations of machinery, equipment, medical devices, and other products. All footage is delivered in a variety of standard formats for easy access and playback via trial-presentation software in the courtroom.

Video/Text Synchronization

View the witness. Pinpoint key testimony.

In addition to providing compelling and irrefutable evidence, O&L’s video services deliver substantial time- and cost-saving benefits by providing advanced searchability and playback preparation. Our video/text synchronization matches video footage with the text of the testimony so that each line scrolls as the witness speaks, making it easy for you to isolate key moments.
OBrien Levine Video SynchAdvanced searchability features mean you no longer have to waste time rewinding and fast-forwarding in order to pinpoint a specific piece of testimony. With O&L’s video/text synchronization,

simply highlight the relevant text to instantly zero in on crucial statements, then capture those specific video clips for playback at trial or other proceedings.

No special software is required, and your juries will be able to see and hear inconsistencies and contradictions in witnesses’ statements for themselves. That’s persuasive.

Video/Text Streaming

Remote participation made easy.

With real-time streaming, your entire team can attend and collaborate using our suite of virtual tools. As the court reporter takes deposition testimony and the videographer captures the action, the team follows the live text, observes the witness, and confers via our secure, private chat feature to relay insights for the attorney’s line of questioning.

Additional features include:

  • Attendees can highlight, annotate, and code testimony by issue, and preserve for reference as the case proceeds.
  • Rough deposition transcripts with highlights and annotations are immediately available at the conclusion of the day’s questioning to help your team prepare for the next day.
  • The video deposition can be produced with synchronized text – the same way it is streamed live over the internet – making the video file instantly searchable.
  • No special software is required.

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