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Trial Support Solutions

Trial Support Solutions – Take Us to Court

Through the course of discovery, completion of depositions, and a trial date set, your litigation team collaborates on legal strategy across offices and practice areas. When the judge gavels the court into session and your argument on behalf of your client unfolds, O’Brien & Levine can be on hand with trial support and expertise.


Court Reporting

On-time. Accurate. Experienced.

Our extensive network of certified court reporters cover trials and other proceedings to guarantee timely delivery of transcripts. This is especially important when the court uses a digital recording system instead of a stenographer to produce the official record. With a private, O&L stenography team providing realtime court reporting, rough drafts, and final daily legal transcripts, you’ll always have the information you need.


In-court Videoconferencing

Portable. Reliable. Secure.

For a key witness unable to appear in court, counsel can use mobile videoconferencing to call the witness and proceed with direct questioning and cross-examination for the record. O&L trial support technicians will be at your side with the know-how for compelling video presentation of evidence, and to handle all the logistical and technical details:

  • Courtroom Set-up
  • Equipment and Connection Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Video Playback Management
  • Exhibit Display


Video Playback

Compelling. Persuasive. Irrefutable.

The introduction of testimony in video depositions is now conventional at trials and other court proceedings, and it can make a big difference for your case. O&L’s video production group can coordinate with your litigation team to synchronize videos and transcripts, create and sequence clips, and provide on-site technical support to manage playback in the courtroom. Clips can be played as stand-alone video files or embedded in PowerPoint and other trial presentation software – whatever best suits your presentation methods.

Whether you are presenting depositions, day-in-the-life videos, or demonstrations of machinery, equipment, medical devices and other product, video is a powerful way to bring your case to life, point out inconsistencies and contradictions in witness statements, and clearly explain critical case information.


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