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Video Conferencing

Secure. Convenient. No Boarding Pass Required

Sometimes, traveling for depositions and other legal proceedings is not optimal – logistically, time-wise, or cost-wise. Whether the issue at hand is a long flight for a short meeting, weather-related delays, or the often insurmountable challenge of simply coordinating everyone’s schedules, O’Brien & Levine Court Reporting quickly and easily connects all your participants through our secure, global videoconferencing services, including mobile and video/text streaming capabilities.

Video Conferencing

Your Team. Your Case. Anywhere in the World.

We provide spacious and well-appointed conference room facilities in Boston and Springfield from which you can conduct depositions using our reliable, high-definition videoconferencing technology. In addition, for cases with national and international reach, we seamlessly coordinate space reservations with our partner agencies around the globe.

Whatever your situation, however complex your case, when you are ready to go on-the-record, we make sure that everything is in place for all parties by providing coordination with remote sites, advance connection testing, and tech support from start to finish.

Mobile Video Conferencing

Truly Portable. Absolutely Reliable. Totally Secure.

In addition to providing fixed-site video conferencing, O&L also provides secure, web-based mobile videoconferencing for instances when participants are not able to be present at one of our meeting facilities. This allows you to connect team members and other participants via their computers and mobile devices no matter where they are in the world.

With our state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s highest level of security, you’ll never have to worry about the risks often associated with consumer-grade video conferencing products – security risks inherent with public networks, dropped connections, garbled audio and lost video. Not only do we establish your requirements up front so we can ensure the most appropriate set up, we’re also at your side every step of the way to make sure your meetings go off without a hitch.connect-over-internet-slide21

Take advantage of the convenience and practicality of mobile videoconferencing to manage a wide variety of meeting needs including:

  • Deposing busy expert witnesses
  • Collaborating with your legal team across office locations
  • Connecting with co-counsel in different jurisdictions
  • Accommodating witnesses who are confined to home or a healthcare facility
  • Conferring with litigation consultants
  • Presenting expert witness testimony at trial

Video/Text Streaming

Remote Participation Made Easy

With video/text streaming services from O&L, connect parties and legal team members for live participation in video depositions from anywhere in the world. Reduce costs with a virtual approach that eliminates or substantially reduces travel costs (a budget line item that can mount quickly for complex, multi-jurisdictional cases that cover national and international geographies).

Real-time streaming enables your entire team to attend depositions and collaborate using O&L’s suite of virtual tools. While the court reporter takes deposition testimony, the videographer captures the action and your team follows the live text, observes the witness, and confers via our secure, private chat feature to relay insights for the attorney’s line of questioning.

Additional features include:obrien-levine-ipad-lobby

  • Attendees can highlight, annotate, and code testimony by issue, and preserve for reference as the case proceeds.
  • Rough deposition transcripts with highlights and annotations are immediately available at the conclusion of the day’s questioning to help your team prepare for the next day.
  • The video deposition can be produced with synchronized text – the same way it is streamed live over the internet – making the video file instantly searchable.
  • No special software is required.

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