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When Does a Videoconference Deposition Make Sense?

Wouldn’t you know. The out-of-town expert witness in an important case has had a change in schedule and cannot appear for the deposition next week. She’s available the day-after-tomorrow, though.

That’s great, except you’ve got a long-standing commitment that evening. Although it’s a short flight, you wouldn’t be back in time. (Your daughter has the lead in the school play; you’ve already ordered the flowers and the whole family has tickets).

By scheduling a videoconference deposition, neither the scheduling attorney nor other parties to the matter need to travel. The court reporter will swear in the witness and transcribe the testimony as usual. You can also schedule a videographer. In addition to preserving your plans, you save on travel costs and time away from the office.

The secure, high-definition videoconferencing system in our office is tested in advance with the remote site to ensure clear video and audio transmission as you conduct your line of questioning. If videoconferencing seems right for an upcoming deposition or for a last-minute matter, schedule or call: 617.399.0130 / 888.825.3376.

O’Brien & Levine will answer your questions and cover the details—from noticing the proceeding to introducing exhibits.

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